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Layout title


Ctrl (CMD) + P

The Print command prints an image of the viewport contents.

Includes controls on the left and a constantly updating print preview pane on the right.

The printing tools have to make it as quick and easy as possible to:

Display print attributes in viewports



Displays the list of installed printers, including any PDF printer drivers.


Paper sizes supported by the selected printer.

Use Layout Page Size

This setting is only available for Rhino PDF. Uses the paper size set in the layout properties to print layouts.

Otherwise, all layouts will be printed with the same paper size.


The DPI ("dots" per inch) setting.


Opens the printer driver settings.

Copies ___

Number of copies.

Output type

Defines the printing method.

Vector Output

Prints lines, curves, and fill areas.

By default, Rhino prints everything it can using vectors.

Raster Output

Prints a bitmap image.

Output color

Defines how color is printed.

Print color

Uses the layer or property Print Color setting to print point objects, curves, annotations, and wireframes, etc. Mesh faces and surfaces are printed with display colors.

Display color

Print objects with the same wireframe color that displays in viewports.

Black and white

Converts colors to gray scale.

View and Output Scale

View list

List of viewport names and layout pages.

When a layout page is selected, the printer paper size changes to use the layout page size.


Prints the selected viewport or layout page.


Zoom the current viewport to contain all objects in the model.


Prints a selected window area.


Select a new print area. The window grips can be manipulated after the window is drawn.

Print Multiple Layouts (x of x selected)

Select the layout pages to print.

The label shows how many layouts will print and the total number of layouts in the model.

Enable / disable a range of layouts

  1. Click on a layout.

  2. Shift+click on another layout.

  3. Shift+click on a checkbox of the selected layouts.

Enable / disable multiple layout individually

  1. Ctrl(CMD)+click on the layouts.

  2. Ctrl(CMD)+click on a checkbox of the selected layouts.

Rhino PDF layout save options

These settings are only available when Rhino PDF is selected as the printer.

Save each layout to a separate file

Creates multiple PDF files with ascending numbers added to the file names.

File name prefix:

Every PDF file name begins with the specified text string.

Add page number to file name

Adds layout index numbers, instead of ascending numbers, to the file names.

Add page name to file name

Adds layout names to the file names.


Displays current display magnification as percentage. Select scale from the list or set the scale in paper units=model units.

On paper = In model

Sets the units used on the printed page and the equivalent units used in the model.

Margins and Position (model views only)

Sets or expands the non-print areas around the page.

Each of the options controls the position, margins, width, and height options.


Sets margins for all four sides.

Top, left, width, height

Sets the top and left margins and a width and height for the print area.

Top, right, width, height

Sets the top and right margins and a width and height for the print area.

Bottom, left, width, height

Sets the bottom and left margins and a width and height for the print area.

Bottom, right, width, height

Sets the bottom and right margins and a width and height for the print area.

Centered, width, height

Centers the print area and sets a width and height.

Match viewport aspect ratio

Sets the margins and position to the same aspect ratio as the selected viewport.

Match maximum printable area

Sets the margins to the printer maximums.



Centers the image in the print area.

Offset from

If the Centered box is not checked, choose from offset options.

Lower left

Offsets the image in the print area from the lower left.

Upper left

Offsets the image in the print area from the upper left.

Lower right

Offsets the image in the print area from the lower right.

Upper right

Offsets the image in the print area from the upper right.

X, Y, offset values and unit system

Specifies the offset amount in the x and y directions and sets the offset units.

Linetypes and Line Widths


Match pattern definition

Printed line type pattern matches values in linetype definition file.

Match viewport display

Printed linetype pattern matches the current display properties

Line width

Linetype units are model/page lengths

These settings decide how linetypes with a width of length unit are printed in model and detail views.

Model lengths prints a linetype with a width of 2 mm thicker when zooming in, and thinner when zooming out. Page lengths always prints the linetype with 2 mm thick.

Scale by

Multiplier to globally change printed line widths.

Default line width

Ranges from Hairline to normal drafting widths (in millimeters) and No Print.

Hairlines are defined as 0.0001 mm curves and are not scaled by the Scale by multiplier value.

Define your own line widths (For Windows version only)

  • Add line width values to the printwidths.txt file in Rhino support folder > Localization > [Language] > Support

In the printwidths.txt file:

  • Lines begin with ; or // will be ignored.

  • Line width values have to be larger than 0.

Apply Display Mode Scale

Applies the object width scale factor from display modes.

Non-scaling objects

Point objects

Size for point objects on the printed page.

Arrowhead size

Size for arrowheads on the printed page.

Text dot font size

Size for the text dot font on the printed page.


Optional items to include on the printed page.


Background color
Prints the viewport background color.
Background bitmap

Prints the viewport background bitmap.


Prints the viewport wallpaper.

The wallpaper will always scale to fit the extents of the print window.

To keep the background size constant, use a background bitmap.


Prints light objects.

Clipping Planes

Prints clipping plane objects.

Only selected objects

Prints selected objects only.

Locked objects

Prints locked objects. Clear the check box to hide locked objects on the printed page.


Prints the construction plane grid.

Grid axes

Prints the construction plane grid axes.


Allows printing a dashed line at the margins.



Prints the contents of Notes window.


No notes printed.


Prints the notes at the top of the page.


Prints the notes at the bottom of the pages.

File name

Prints the full file name including path.


No file name printed.


Prints the file name at the top of the page.


Prints the file name at the bottom of the page.

Printer Details


The printer model name.

Paper type

The paper size and dimensions.

Printable area

The area of the paper that the printer can use.

Scale X/Y

If the printer requires calibration in order to print exactly, a scale factor can be applied.

See also

Use drafting tools




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