Object Custom Linetype

The Custom Linetype dialog defines an object's own linetype settings.

Copy Linetype

Select one of the document linetypes as the source of the object custom linetype.


The name used when the Add to document linetypes checkbox is enabled.


Linetypes are defined by a comma-separated list of dash and gap lengths, always starting with a dash. A zero-length dash is a dot.


Sets the display scale for linetypes to inches.


Sets the display scale for linetypes to millimeters.

Cap style

Draws curve ends with the Flat (left), Round (middle), or Square (right) style.

Join style

Draws curve joined corners with the Miter (left), Round (middle), or Bevel (right) style.


Sets the width of the linetype.

Width Units (Pixels / Length Units)

Sets the width of the linetype to base on screen pixels or length units.


Enables line stroke for the linetype.

Taper Position (0 to 1)

Defines the location on a curve where the Taper Width applies.

0 is at the start of a curve and 1 is at the end.

The default value, 0.5, is halfway of the curve length.

Taper Width

Controls the line width at the Taper Position.

End Width

Controls the line width at the end of the curve.

Add to document linetypes

Uses the current settings to create a new document linetype.

The new document linetype will apply to the object.




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