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The TriangulateMesh command splits all planar quadrangular polygon mesh faces into two triangular mesh faces.


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The TriangulateRenderMeshes command splits all planar quadrangular polygon render mesh faces into two triangular mesh faces.


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Triangulate Non‑Planar Quads

The TriangulateNonPlanarQuads command splits all non-planar quadrangular polygon mesh faces into two triangular mesh faces.



Any quadrangle where the distance of the quad's fourth point from the plane defined by the quad's first three points is greater than or equal to the Distance value will be triangulated.


Any quadrangle where the angle between the plane normals of the face triangles if it were triangulated is greater than or equal to the Angle value will be triangulated.


Use both distance and angle criteria.


The value by which the Distance and Angle edit boxes are increased or decreased with the spinner controls.

Select Quad

Select a quadrangular mesh face to set the Distance and Angle values.

Split method
Shortest diagonal

Divide along the short diagonal.

Longest diagonal

Divide along the long diagonal.

Minimize area

Minimize resulting area.

Maximize area

Maximize resulting area.

Minimum angle

Minimize angle between triangle normals.

Maximum angle

Maximize angle between triangle normals.


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The QuadrangulateMesh command merges mesh triangles into quadrangles.

Diagonals that are unwelded (have unique vertexes at the corners) will not be considered as candidates for merging triangles into quadrangles.


Command-line options


The angle between the face normals of the triangles.


Specify a number greater than or equal to 1. If the adjacent triangles pass the planarity test then they will be merged into a quadrangle if the largest ratio of the lengths of the diagonal is less than or equal to the number you typed, then the triangles are converted to quadrangle.


Increment value used by the spinner controls.

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