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The Picture command draws a rectangular planar surface with the specified image assigned to its material and sets the object to Rendered display mode similar to using the SetObjectDisplayMode command.


  1. Select an image file.
  2. File types accepted are:

    Transparency supported: 

    Transparency not supported:

  3. Pick a corner of the plane.
  4. Pick or type the length.
    The defining rectangle retains the same aspect (length to width) ratio as the image.


Command-line options


Draws the defining rectangle using two adjacent corner locations and a location on the opposite side.

3Point steps

  1. Pick the start of an edge.
  2. Pick the end of the edge.
  3. Pick the orientation.


Draws the defining rectangle perpendicular to the construction plane.

Vertical steps

  1. Pick the start of the edge.
  2. Pick the end of the edge or type a length.


Draws the defining rectangle around a center point.

Center steps

  1. Pick the center.
  2. Pick the other corner or type a length.


Specifies the width and height of the image in pixels, the resolution of the bitmap in dots-per-inch, and automatically scales the defining rectangle based on the model's current unit system.

1to1 steps

  1. Pick the start of the edge.
  2. Pick a point to show the orientation.



Picture material properties


The name of the material.


The Picture contains a simple bitmap image.



The path and name of the bitmap file.


The Self-Illuminated option causes the image to always display at full intensity and is not affected by light or shadow.

Self-Illumination off (left), and on (right).

The Grayscale option sets the image color to 256-grey


Specifies transparency settings for the image. Specify a transparent color to be used as an alpha channel in the case that no alpha channel is specified in the image.

Transparency is not supported when using JPEG (.jpg; .jpeg), PCX (.pcx), or Windows Bitmap (.bmp)

Use alpha channel

Specifies that the image alpha channel be used to determine transparency.

Use color mask

Specifies that a color in the image be used to determine transparency.

Color selector

The tolerance to be used to determine if the texture's color matches the transparency color.

Object transparency

Sets the amount of transparency for the entire object.


Extra text information stored in the material that appears in the tooltip when you mouse-over the thumbnail.

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