The ClippingPlane command creates a clipping plane object that represents a plane for visibly clipping away geometry in a specific viewport.


Draw a rectangle to represent the clipping plane.

Note: See the Rectangle command for detailed option descriptions.


The appearance of the clipping plane edges is controlled in the display modes.
The clipping plane is infinite. The clipping plane object represents only the location and direction of the clipping plane.
The visibility of clipping planes is controlled with Hide, Show, and layer visibility like all Rhino objects.
Clipping plane Properties specify the clipping plane's direction and the viewports affected by the clipping plane.
The clipping plane pointer faces toward the objects that will be visible.


The DisableClippingPlane command turns off selected clipping planes in the active viewport.


The EnableClippingPlane command turns on selected clipping planes in the active viewport.

Clipping plane properties

Manages object properties for the selected clipping plane.

Flip Direction

Reverses the direction of the clipping plane pointer.

Views Clipped

Specifies which views are clipped.

Model Views

Lists available model views.

Layout Views

Lists available layout views.

Clipping plane appearance

The appearance of clipping planes is controlled by the display mode of the viewport.

For appearance settings, see: Display Mode Options.

See also

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