Select color

From the Color List

In the Select Color dialog box, from the Named Colors list, select a color.

From the color selector

1. Drag the marker around the wheel to define the hue.
2. Drag the marker horizontally in the square to define the saturation level.
3. Drag the marker vertically in the square to define the brightness value.

From the HSV and RGB boxes

1. To select an red/green/blue (RGB) color, type RGB values in the Red, Green, and Blue boxes.
2. To create an hue/saturation/brightness value (HSV) color, type values in the Hue, Saturation, and Value boxes.


The upper part of the color box shows the currently selected color. The lower part shows the previous color.
If you change the hue but do not see much of a change in the sample box, click in the upper left corner of the shade square to make sure you're seeing the hue at full saturation and value.
To define your own color palette, customize the colors_<languagecode>.txt file in the Rhino support folder.
If the colors_<languagecode>.txt file contains more than one color definition, the internal color list is replaced with the colors extracted from this file.
The ";" or "//" characters can be used as comments either at the beginning of a line or after the color definition.
1. MyColorName1,105,105,105
2. MyColorName2,0,0,0
3. MyColorName3,255,60,0

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