Artistic display mode

Tools > Options > View > Display Modes > Artistic

The Artistic display mode uses an image background and soft lines to create a pencil drawing effect.

Display mode options


Name of display mode.

Viewport settings

For Artistic and Pen display modes, the background is automatically set to a specified image file.

To use a custom background

  • Copy an Artistic or Pen mode.
    The background setting will be available in the copy.

For Pen and Artistic modes, the background is automatically set.

Image file

Specifies an image for the viewport background.

Image file name
  • Type or browse for the file name.

Shading settings

Shade objects

Sets the viewport to opaque shaded mode.

Flat shading

Shades the current viewport with no smoothing so the individual render mesh faces are visible.

See: FlatShade.

Allow ground plane display

Turns on the ground plane for the display mode.

Allow environment display

Turns on environment for the display mode.

Use linear workflow

Gamma correction for bitmap images is removed.The gamma correction is applied to the entire finished image. This can do a better job of processing the color in rendered images.

Color and material usage
Object's color

Use the color specified in the object's properties.


Sets the gloss for the color.


Sets the transparency for the color.

Single color for all objects

Ignores object colors and uses a single color for the shading.


Sets the gloss for the color.


Sets the transparency for the color.

Single object color

To select a color

  • Click the color swatch.
Rendering material

Shades using rendering material.

Custom material for all objects

Click the Customize button to specify the custom material.


Opens the Custom Object Attributes Settings dialog box.

Shading effects

Standard shading

Uses normal solid shading.

Parallel lines

Uses parallel lines for shading.

Width (in pixels)

Width of the lines.

Separation (in lines)

Distance between lines.

Rotation (in degrees)

Rotation angle of lines.


Specifies which elements will be visible in the display mode.

Show curves

Shows curves objects.

Show hidden lines

Displays hidden lines as dashed lines.

Show edges

Displays surface edges and mesh part boundaries.

Show silhouettes

Shows surface silhouettes.

Show creases

Displays creases in surfaces.

Show seams

Displays surface seams.

Show intersections

Displays intersections between surfaces.

Show lights

Shows lights objects

Show text

Shows text blocks.

Show annotations

Shows annotations objects.

Show points

Shows points objects.

Show pointclouds

Shows pointclouds objects

Lighting scheme

See Lighting scheme settings.

Clipping plane objects

See Clipping plane settings.


See Grid Settings.


See Objects settings.


See Points Settings.


See Curves Settings.


See Lines settings.


See Shadows settings.

Other Settings

See Other Settings.

Restore Defaults

Restores the default system values. All custom appearance settings will be lost.

Save options for use on other computers


Save Options settings to a file.


Restore Options settings from a file.

See also

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