Tools > Options > View > Display Modes > [Mode Name] > Objects

Selection (Shaded modes only)

Shade-highlight selected surfaces and polysurfaces

Shades entire object with highlight color.

Shade highlight on (left) and off (right).

Shade-highlight selected meshes

Shades entire object with highlight color.

Shade highlight mesh on (left) and off (right).

Control points

Control polygon usage
Use dotted / solid lines

Dotted (left) and solid control polygon ( right).

Line thickness

The width of the control polygon in pixels.

Control polygon color

Specifies a color for the control polygon.

Use object color

Use the color specified in the object's Properties.

Use fixed color

Use a specified color for all control polygons.

Polygon color

To select a color

  • Click the color swatch.
Control point style
Square with white center

Round with white center

Solid square

Solid circle

Control point size

The control point size in pixels.

Size = 2 (left), size = 3 (right).

Hide control points

Hides the control points while the control polygon is displayed.

Hide object

Hides the object while the control polygon is displayed.

Hide control polygon

Hides the control polygon and only shows the control points.

Hide control polygon on (left) and off (right).

Highlight control polygon

Highlights the segments of the control polygon on either side of the control points.

Highlight control polygon on (left) and off (right).

Locked objects

Locked object usage
Use application settings

Use settings specified in Appearance: Colors Options.

Use specified lock color

To select a color

  • Click the color swatch.
Use object's display attributes

Uses the object's specified attributes.

Locked object appearance
Locked objects appear solid
Locked objects appear transparent

Gray locked object transparent.

Transparency %

Sets the amount of transparency as a percentage.

Draw objects behind all others

Draws locked objects behind all other objects.

Gray locked object displayed behind others.

Apply these settings to layers

Applies the settings for locked objects to locked layers.

Dynamic display

Dynamic display usage

Sets the appearance of objects in the display

Use application settings

Use system default settings.

Display object's bounding box

Reduces the display of objects to their bounding boxes. This can speed up the display on large models.

Bounding box display off (left) and on (right).

Always display

Always display objects as bounding boxes.

Only display during view changes

Change objects to bounding boxes only when zooming or panning.




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