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Heightfield from Image

The Heightfield command creates a NURBS surface or mesh based on grayscale values of the pixels in an image file.

A grayscale z-buffer bitmap generated from 3-D objects by the ShowZBuffer command.

The mesh object created from the grayscale z-buffer bitmap by the Heightfield command .


  1. Select an image file.
  2. Pick the first corner.
    The base of the surface will be parallel to the current construction plane.
  3. Pick the second corner or type a length.
    The shape of the pick rectangle will match the aspect ratio of the image file.
  4. Specify options.

Heightfield options

Number of sample points ___ x ___

The image's "height" is sampled at the specified number of control points along the u and v directions of the image.

Sample count is ___ of 10000 (surface only)
Height ___ <units>

Sets the scale of the height of the object.

Set image as texture

Uses the image as a render texture for the created object.

Create vertex colors (mesh only)

Evaluates the color of the texture at each texture coordinate (u,v) and sets the vertex color to match.

See: ComputeVertexColors.

Create object by
Mesh with vertexes at sample locations

Creates a mesh with vertex points at each of the sample locations.

Surface with control points at sample locations

Creates a surface with control points at each of the sample locations.

Interpolate surface through samples

Creates a surface that passes through each sample location's height.

See also

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