The Library options set the folder locations for the Libraries for this computer.

By default, the content libraries are a subfolder of the My Documents folder, but you can set this to any folder.


Show render content

Changes the default location of content libraries for this computer.

Use default library location

By default, the content libraries are a subfolder of the My Documents folder.


Sets a custom library location.


Open file browser to specify file.

Show "Documents" folder

In the Libraries panel, the designated Documents folder will display in the menu.

Show custom folders

In the Libraries panel, designated custom folders will display in the menu.


The Libraries command opens the Libraries panel, to manage libraries of materials, textures, and environments.

Render content can be saved to files creating external libraries that can be shared between models. Content can also be dragged between Rhino sessions and into a folder.

Color swatches can be dragged and dropped in the same way.

The Libraries panel displays a view into the content folders you have set up. Use this to drag and drop content into the model or to store document content to a location outside the model.

Set up content libraries in Options > Libraries.

Libraries Panel

Panel options

Folder menu

Displays the folder menu.

To save options


Save Options settings to a file.


Restore Options settings from a file.

Note: When multiple sessions of Rhino are open at one time, changes made in the last Rhino session closed will be saved.

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