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Curve Network

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The NetworkSrf command creates a surface from a network of crossing curves.

All curves in one direction must cross all curves in the other direction and cannot cross each other.


Command-line options


Turns off automatic sorting so you can select the curves manually.

Surface from Curve Network Options


Edge curves

Sets the tolerance for the edge curves. The edges of the surface will be within this value from the edge curves.

Interior curves

Sets the tolerance for the interior curves. The interior of the curve's surface will be within this value.

If the curves themselves are farther apart from each other than the tolerance values, the best guess is made at the surface.


If the edge curves are surface edges, and you want the surface matching the adjacent surfaces with tangency or curvature continuity, this is the accuracy used to match the surface normals.

Edge Matching

Determines how the edges match the input geometry.


The surface will match to the input edge curves with less accuracy.

Position / Tangency / Curvature

Sets the continuity for the edge match.

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