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The Circle command draws a circle from a center location and a radius.


  1. Pick the center location.
  2. Pick a radius location or specify an option.
Command-line options


Draws a NURBS approximation of the curve will be created with the degree and number of points you specify.

Deformable (degree 3) (left); Not deformable (degree 2) (right).

Specifies the degree of the arc.

When drawing a high-degree arc, the output curve will not be the degree you request unless there is at least one more control point than the degree.


Specifies the number of control points.


Draws the circle from the two ends of its diameter.

2Point steps

  1. Pick the start of the diameter.
  2. Pick the end of the diameter.


Draws a circle through three points on the circumference.

3Point steps

  • Pick three points that define the circumference.

Specifies the radius and orientation for the circle after two points have been picked.

Radius steps

  1. Pick a location or type a radius value.
  2. Pick a direction to orient the circle.


Draws a circle perpendicular to a curve.

AroundCurve steps

  • Select a curve and pick the center of the circle on the curve and a radius or diameter.


Draws a circle by fitting to selected point objects, curve and surface control points, and mesh vertices.

FitPoint steps


Draws a circle tangent to curves.

Tangent steps

  1. Pick the first tangent location on the first curve.
  2. Pick the second tangent curve, or type a radius.
  3. Pick the third tangent curve, or press Enter to draw the circle from the first and second tangent locations.

Forces the circle or arc to go through the first picked point on the curve instead of allowing the point to slide along the curve.


Allows a point that does not have to be a tangent point on a curve.


The circle is restricted to the specified radius. If a tangent point exists on the second curve that meets the radius requirement, the tangent constraint will appear at that point as you drag the circle.


Draws a circle perpendicular to the construction plane.

Vertical steps

  • Pick the center and a radius or diameter.

Toggles between accepting a radius value and a diameter value.

To switch between radius and diameter

  • Pick a location or type a value.


Specifies an orientation not on the construction plane.

To specify orientation

  • Pick a direction that will be perpendicular to the circle plane.

    Perpendicular direction (1); Circle plane (2).


Specifies the circle's circumference.

To specify circumference

  • Type the circumference value at the command line or pick a location to show the circumference length.


Specifies the circle's area.

To specify the area

  • Type the area value at the command line or pick a location to show the area value.

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