Button Editor

The Button Editor manages the appearances, images, and commands of toolbar buttons.

To open Button Editor

  1. Move the cursor over a toolbar button.

  2. Shift+Right-click the button.


Inherit appearance from tab

When selected, the button style is set in the tab.

To access toolbar tab settings

Image only

Displays the image only.

Text only

Displays the text only.

Both image and text

Displays both the image and the text.

Light and dark mode icons

Click the icon to open the Edit Image dialog.


The text displays on the button when Text only or Both image and text is selected.

Left mouse button / Right mouse button


The text that appears when the mouse cursor hovers over the button.


The command, macro, or script that the left or right mouse button runs.

Linked toolbar


Select a toolbar that flies out from the button when you click and hold the button, or click the black triangle on the lower-right corner of the button.


Remove the linked toolbar from the button.

Float to top

Makes the last used button on the linked toolbar appear as the link button on the parent toolbar.

If you normally use a specific button on a linked toolbar and rarely use the others, you probably want the one you use most to always appear on the link button. In this case, clear Float to Top.

See also

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