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The Containers page manages the styles of containers and tabs.

Container Display Style

These settings control the tab styles based on floating and docking status of the containers.


For standalone containers.

Docked top/bottom

For the containers docked horizontally.

Docked side

For the containers docked vertically.

Image only

Text only

Both image and text

Tab image size

This slider controls the image size of tabs.

Sidebar visible

Displays the sidebar container.

"Sidebar" is a special container that displays an existing container according to the currently active toolbar tab. In the default workspace, if you click on the Curve Tools tab, the Curve drawing sidebar container will display in Sidebar.

To link a container to a tab as a sidebar

  1. Right-click on a toolbar tab and select Properties.
  2. In the Container Properties dialog box, click the button in the Sidebar section.
Lock docked containers

Do not allow docking/undocking containers and reordering tabs.

Hide single tab when docked

Do not display the tab when a docked container only has a toolbar or panel.

Restore Defaults

Resets the settings in the current page to factory defaults.

See Also


Opens the Containers dialog box to manage the panels or toolbars in containers.




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