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Point from UV Coordinates

The PointsFromUV command create point objects at specified surface u and v coordinates.


  1. Select a surface.
  2. Type a u value within the displayed domain.
  3. Type a v value within the displayed domain, and press Enter.
    When you select a polysurface, the result for the component surface at the location you pick is calculated. If the surface is trimmed, Rhino uses the untrimmed version of the surface.
Command-line options


Creates a point object on the surface.



The u and v parameter ranges are scaled so that the output values are between zero and one (rather than using the real parameter value).

This is useful when you want to know the percentage along parameter space of the point you pick without having to calculate it based on the domain of the surface.


The unscaled u and v parameter values are given.

See: Domain.

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