Workspace Editor

Provides the ability to customize the Rhino workspace by adding, deleting, and editing toolbars and menus.

To edit a workspace

  1. On the Tools menu, click Toolbar Layout.
  2. On the Rhino Options > Toolbars > Tools menu, click Workspace Editor.

Workspace Editor


Add, delete, and edit toolbar groups, toolbars, and toolbar buttons.

Groups panel
New toolbar group
Copy toolbar group
Delete selected toolbar group or remove toolbar from group
Rename toolbar group
Toolbar panel
New toolbar item
Toolbars panel
New toolbar
Copy toolbar
Delete selected toolbar
Toolbar properties
Choose single- or multiple-column toolbar list view
Display toolbar list in a single column
Display toolbar list in multiple columns


Add new menus and menu items and edit their properties.

In the default menus, new menu items can be inserted, and these new menu items can be edited and deleted, but default menu items cannot be edited or deleted.

To add a new menu to the menu bar

To add a new menu item, separator, or sub-menu

To edit custom menu items


Insert Menu Item

Adds a new custom menu item.

Insert separator

Inserts a separator line.

Insert Sub Menu

Inserts a sub-menu.

Delete Item

Deletes custom menu items.

Item Properties
Edit bitmap

Opens the Edit Bitmap dialog box.

Menu text

The text that appears in the menu.

Status bar help text

The text that appears in the status bar when the mouse hovers over a menu item.

Macro Library

Choose a command script from the macro library.


Creates a command script for the menu item.

Plug-in Properties

Item Type

Normal item

Displays text only.

Check item

Displays a check to indicate the on/off state of the command or option.

Radio item

Displays a menu item with a radio button.

Default State


Plug-in Menu Update Handler

Demand load plug-in to handle menu update
Generate C++ Code
Generate C# Code

See also

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