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Reduce Vertex Count

The ReduceMesh command decreases the polygon mesh face count while minimizing geometric and texture distortion.



  1. Select mesh objects.
  2. Set the new polygon count.

Reduce Mesh Options

Starting polygon count

The number of triangles after all quadrangles are split.

Each quadrangle converts into two triangles, but some may not convert back to quadrangles, so it is possible that reducing the mesh may result in more faces than the starting number.

Reduce to ___ polygons

Specifies the desired number of polygons.

Reduce by ___ percent

Specifies reduction by a percentage of the starting polygon count.

Planar only

Restricts reduction to planar polygons.

Fast Accurate

Trades speed for accuracy during conversion. Reduction is performed more randomly, involving fewer calculations, and is therefore faster.


Produces the fewest visible artifacts. This involves more calculations and is therefore slower.

Locked mesh points

Reduce mesh command lets you lock mesh points. Reduction will not alter those points.


Adds selected mesh points into the set of locked mesh points.

You can use SelBrush to select and deselect points to add.


Removes selected from the set of locked mesh points.

Add all naked

Add mesh points on naked mesh edges into the set of locked mesh points.


Undoes previous operations.


Displays a preview of the output.

If you change the settings, click the Preview button again to refresh the display.

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