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Named Positions

Named Positions

The NamedPosition command saves and restores the location of objects.

Named Positions Panel

Panel options


Save as

Saves and names the position of the selected objects.

See: Naming conventions in Rhino


Restores the specified saved object position.


Deletes the specified position.

Update selected named position

Resets the location of all of the objects attached to the named position to their current locations.

Append to selected named position

Adds an object in its current location to the selected named position.

Select objects of named position

Selects all objects tagged with the position name.

See also


The Snapshots command saves and restores Named Views, Named Positions, Layer States, as well as rendering settings, object settings including locked/hidden state, display mode, material, position, light settings, curve piping, displacement, edge softening, shutlining, and thickness.

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