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Mesh Repair

Mesh Repair

The MeshRepair command opens the Mesh Repair panel.

The Mesh Repair panel contains mesh information display and repair commands to make repairing bad meshes easier


  1. Select a mesh and click Check Mesh.
    Information about the mesh is displayed, including the Edge Analysis control.
  2. Select problems to fix, and click Repair.
  3. When all possible problems have been repaired, click Next.
  4. Use the Advanced Repair Tools to edit the mesh, and then click Finish.

Mesh Repair Panel

Panel options

Repair Mesh Options

Degenerate faces

Removes zero-length edges.

Removes duplicate faces.

Inconsistent normals

Reverses inconsistent normals.

Fill Small Gaps options

Distance ___
Min ___ / Max ___

Specifies the range to see in a graph how many small holes will be filled.

Delete Faces

Runs the command.

Patch Face

Runs the command.

Fill Hole

Runs the command.

Fill All Holes

Runs the FillMeshHoles command.

Runs the SplitMeshEdge command.

Swap Edge
Rebuild Mesh

Runs the command.

Unify Mesh Normals

Runs the command for any selected repair.

Runs the Undo command.

See also


Remove mesh faces from a mesh creating a hole.


Separate non-manifold faces from a mesh.


Fill all holes in a mesh.


Fill a mesh hole with a single mesh face.


Remove mesh normals and reconstruct the face and vertex normals.


Divide into separate objects meshes that do not connect, but are still one object.


Undo the last action.


Change the normal direction mesh faces so they all point in a consistent direction.

Edit mesh objects




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