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The ExtractMeshEdges command separates edges from the parent mesh determined by an angle between mesh face normals.

The command may help if you have a mesh that came from a polysurface but no longer have the polysurface. Using the command with the Unwelded option creates polyline approximations of where the edges of the polysurface were.


Command-line options

Extract edges by


Extracts edges with coincident vertices.

Break angle

The angle between the face normals of adjacent faces.

Greater than

Specify a minimum break angle.

Select Edge

Specify an example edge to set the minimum break angle.

Less than

Specify a maximum break angle

Select Edge

Specify an example edge to set the maximum break angle.

Join results

Joins the resulting curves.


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Not on menus.

The ExtractNonManifoldMeshEdges command extracts the mesh faces that have non-manifold edges from a mesh object.

Non-manifold edges

Edges of polysurfaces or meshes that have more than two faces joined to a single edge are non-manifold.

The illustration shows a mesh and a polysurface with non-manifold edges highlighted with the ShowEdges command.


  1. Start the command.
  2. Set command-line options.
  3. Select a mesh.

Command-line options


Only extracts the faces with non-manifold and naked edges.



See also

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