Curve Drawing toolbar

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Draw an arc with options for center, start, angle, and direction.

Link to Arc toolbar

Arc, Start, End, Direction

Arc by start, end, direction at start.

Arc, Start, Direction, End

Arc by start, direction at start, end.

Arc, Start, End, Point

Arc by start, end, point on arc.

Arc, Start, Point, End

Arc by start, point on arc, end.

Arc, Tangent

Arc tangent to curves.

Arc, Tangent, Tangent, Radius

Arc tangent, tangent, radius.


Cancel the current command and deselects objects.


Turns off Points, CurvatureGraph, EMap, Zebra, MoveUVN, CurvatureAnalysis, and deselects objects.


Creates a curve that a hanging chain or cable assumes under its own weight when supported only at its ends.


Draw a circle from center and radius, diameter, points on the circumference, and circumference length.

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Circle, Diameter

Draws a circle from points on diameter.

Circle, Tangent, Tangent, Radius

Draws a circle tangent to two curves and a radius.

Circle, Vertical to CPlane: center, radius

Draws a circle from a center and radius vertical to construction plane.

Conic, Tangent at start

Draw a conic curve tangent at the start.

Conic, Tangent at start and end

Draw a conic curve tangent at the start and end.


Draw a curve from control point locations.

Link to Curve toolbar


Fit a curve through point objects.


Draw a closed elliptical curve from focus points, center and edges, bounding rectangle, and around a curve.

Link to Ellipse toolbar

Ellipse, Diameter

Draws a closed elliptical curve by diameter.


Break objects down into components.


Separates or duplicates polysurface, Extrusion, or SubD faces.


Draw chained Bézier curves with editing handles.


Draw a helical curve with options for number of turns, pitch, vertical, reverse, and around a curve.

Helix, Vertical

Draw a vertical helical curve.


Fit a curve through picked locations.


Draw chained Bézier curves with editing handles.


Fit a curve through locations on a surface.


Connect curves, surface edges, or surfaces to form a single object.


Draw a single line segment.

Line, Normal

Draw a line segment normal to a surface.

Line, Normal, BothSides

Draw a line segment normal to a surface from its midpoint.

Line, Perpendicular, from curve

Draw a line segment perpendicular from a curve.

Line, Perpendicular, to curve

Draw a line segment perpendicular to a curve.

Line, Tangent

Draw a line segment tangent from a curve.

Line, Vertical

Draw a line segment perpendicular to the construction plane.

Line, Vertical, BothSides

Draw a line segment perpendicular to the construction plane from its midpoint.


Move objects from one location to another.

Link to Transform toolbar


Draw a parabolic curve from focus and vertex or endpoint.


Draw a parabolic curve through three picked points.


Draw a polygon with a specified number of sides with options for inscribed/circumscribed, by edge, star-shaped, around a curve, and vertical.

Link to Polygon toolbar

Polygon, Square from center and corner

Draw a square polygon by center and corner.

Polygon, Square, from edge

Draw a square polygon by edge.

Polygon, Star

Draw a polygon star.


Draw a multi-segment polyline with options for line and arc segments, tracking line helpers, and close.

Link to Lines toolbar


Draw multiple adjoining line segments.


Draw a rectangular closed polyline from with options for starting at the center, three points, vertical, and rounded with arc or conic corners.

Link to Rectangle toolbar

Rectangle, 3Point

Draw a rectangle through three points.

Rectangle, Rounded

Draw a rectangle with rounded corners.

Rectangle, Rounded, conic corners

Draw a rectangle with conic rounded corners.

Rectangle, Vertical

Draw a rectangle perpendicular to the construction plane.


Drag the mouse to draw a curve.

Sketch, on surface

Drag the mouse to draw a curve on a selected surface.


Divide objects using other objects as cutters.


Divide objects using isocurves as cutters.


Cut and delete selected portions of an object at the intersection with another object.


Remove trim curves from trimmed surfaces.




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