SubD objects

Rhino SubD objects are high-precision Catmull Clark subdivision surfaces designed to quickly model and edit complex organic shapes.

SubD edges and vertices

Rhino SubD objects have two types of edges (crease and smooth), and four types of vertices (smooth, crease, corner, and dart).

Smooth edge

An edge that smoothly connects two faces.

Crease edge

A hard edge that connects two faces. Edges on the boundary are also crease edges.

Smooth vertex

A vertex that is attached to only smooth edges.

Crease vertex

Any vertex that is between exactly two creased edges that form a smooth crease.

Corner vertex

A vertex at a sharp corner between two crease edges and any vertex attached to three or more crease edges.

Dart vertex

A vertex attached to exactly one crease edge.

Commands converting SubD objects

SubD objects can be converted to or from NURBS and meshes by these commands.


Mesh - SubD → High-poly mesh

ExtractControlPolygon - SubD → Low-poly mesh

QuadRemesh - NURBS or mesh → Quad mesh → SubD (Reverse engineering)

ToSubD - NURBS or mesh → SubD




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