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The Pull command creates curves and points on a surface that are the intersections of curve or points pulled toward a surface in the surface normal direction.


1. Select curves.
2. Select the surface to pull the curves back to.


When exiting the command, the newly created curves will be always be selected without regard for pre-selection.
Use the Pull command to create complex trim curves, such as a curve that goes most of the way around a cylinder.
Use the Project command if you know what the trim curve looks like from a single viewport.
Use Pull command if you know where on the surface (in 3 D) the trim path should be. Use curve commands to draw the curve, drag the control points or edit points to move the curve near the surface. Then, use the Pull command to pull the curve onto the surface. You can also use the InterpCrvOnSrf command to create a curve on a surface.
When drawing the curves, use the fewest control points possible. This guarantees the smoothest possible trim curve.

Command-line options



Deletes the original geometry.


Retains the original geometry.


Pulls edit points back to the surface. If any edit point misses the surface, the curve will not be created.


Specifies the layer for the results of the command.


Places the results on the current layer.


Places the results on the same layer as the input curve.


Places the results on the same layer as the target surface.

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