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The Project command creates curves or points on a surface that are the intersections of the surface and curves or points projected toward the construction plane.


1. Select curves and points to project.
2. Select surfaces and polysurfaces.


You can select all the projection objects and target surfaces before starting the command.
The curves are projected vertical to the construction plane that is active when the surface selection is completed.
If the projection misses the selected surfaces and polysurfaces, a curve will not be created. Make sure the correct construction plane is active when you select the surfaces.
The Pull command will suck the curve back toward the surface by closest points. The Project command will not work in situations where you want to pull a curve onto a cylinder when the curve goes most of the way around the cylinder. Use the Pull command in this case.
The Project command creates complex curves that can be simplified with the Rebuild command. You will need to be careful with the Rebuild command and use enough points to keep the curve trimmable.
The Project command can be faster than Extrude followed by Trim or Split.
Smooth projection curves create smooth trim curves. Basic shapes like ellipses, circles, lines, and free-form curves work well for projection curves.



Projects edit points toward the construction plane onto the surface.



Deletes the original geometry.


Retains the original geometry.


Specifies the layer for the results of the command.


Places the results on the current layer.


Places the results on the same layer as the input curve.


Places the results on the same layer as the target surface.

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