The NamedView command manages the named views list to save, restore, and edit named views.


Right-click in the preview area to toggle the preview between a list and a thumbnail preview.

Double-click a view name to restore it in the active viewport.

Named Views Panel

Panel options


Save As

Saves the current viewport as a named view.


Restores the selected named view.


Deletes the selected named view.

Import from 3dm file

Imports named views from a 3DM file.

Create Using Widget

Adds a new named view widget. This is a visual representation of a named view camera.

Camera widget with control points turned on.


1. In the Create Named View Using Widget dialog box, type a name for the named view.
2. Pick a camera location.
3. Pick a target location.
4. Pick a field of view.


Opens the Named View Properties dialog box.

Named View Properties

The Named View Properties dialog box displays property settings for the selected named view.

For more information about these settings, see: ViewportProperties.

Edit by looking

Opens a new temporary viewport where you can use viewport navigation tools to reset the view.


Animates the restoration of named view. When you change to a different named view, the view transitions smoothly from the current view to the selected named view. This allows you to see the transition and can also be used to build presentations.

View animation.


Auto-update thumbnails

Updates the thumbnail view when objects are changed, added, or deleted from the viewport.

Restore background bitmap

Restores the background bitmap when the view is restored.

Show named view widget

Turns the widgets on and off for all selected

Lock named view

Locks the widget so it cannot be changed by moving, dragging, or using Edit by Looking.

Auto-select named view widgets

Automatically selects the widget when a named view is selected from the list.

See also

Navigate in the viewports


Set a spotlight direction using view manipulation tools.

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