The Heightfield command creates a NURBS surface or mesh based on grayscale values of the colors in an image file.


1. Select an image file.
2. Pick the first corner.

The base of the surface will be parallel to the current construction plane.

3. Pick the second corner or type a length.

The shape of the pick rectangle will match the aspect ratio of the image file.

4. Specify options.

Heightfield options

Number of sample points ___ x ___

The image's "height" is sampled at the specified number of control points along the u- and v-directions of the image.

Sample count is ___ of 10000 (surface only)

Height ___ <units>

Sets the scale of the height of the object.

Set image as texture

Uses the image as a render texture for the created object.

Create vertex colors (mesh only)

Evaluates the color of the texture at each texture coordinate (u,v) and sets the vertex color to match.

See: ComputeVertexColors.

Create object by

Mesh with vertexes at sample locations

Creates a mesh with vertex points at each of the sample locations.

Surface with control points at sample locations

Creates a surface with control points at each of the sample locations.

Interpolate surface through samples

Creates a surface that passes through each sample location's height.

See also

Create surfaces

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