Grid settings

Grid usage
Use document settings

Use settings specified in Grid Document Properties.

Use mode-specific settings

Specify the settings in individual modes.

Show grid
Show grid axes
Show world axis icon

World axes settings

World axis icon color usage
Application settings

Use default setting.

Same as grid axis colors

Set colors for grid axes in Appearance: Colors Options.

Use specified custom colors

To select a color

Advanced Grid Settings

Show z axis

Display construction plane z axis.

Axes size (grid extent %)

Set size of axes as a percentage of the grid extents.

Grid appearance
Show grid behind / on top of all objects

Shows the grid behind all objects or allows the grid to pass through objects.

Grid behind (left) and on top of objects (right).

Use transparent grid

Displays the grid lines with transparency.

Transparency %
Grid plane usage
Do not use / use transparent plane

Displays the grid as lines or as a transparent plane with lines.

Do not use transparent plane (left) and Use transparent plane (right).

Plane color

To select a color

  • Click the color swatch.
Plane transparency %
Plane visibility
Show only when grid is on
Show always




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