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Rhino Preferences


The Colors options manage and define the colors of the Rhino interface.

Viewport colors

Viewport background

The color of the working area background behind the grid lines.

Major grid line

The color of major grid lines.

Minor grid line

The color of minor grid lines.

X/Y/Z-axis line

The color of the construction plane x, y, and z axes.

Object display

Selected objects

The color of selected objects.

Locked objects

The color of locked objects.

New Layers

The color for new layers.

Interface objects


The color of the feedback curves. One example of a feedback curve is the line you see when you drag objects.

Tracking lines

The color of the tracking line. One example of a tracking line is the line you see when you use elevator mode.


The color of the full-screen crosshairs.

Restore Defaults

Restores the default system values. All custom color settings will be lost.




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