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The Plug-ins options manage plug-in programs loading and enabling.

Plug-in filter

Filters the plug-in names based on the filter criteria.

All Plug-ins
Loaded Plug-ins
Unloaded Plug-ins
Plug-ins that do not ship with Rhino
Enabled Plug-ins
Disabled Plug-ins
Digitizer Plug-ins
Import Plug-ins
Export Plug-ins
Render Plug-ins
Utility Plug-ins
.Net Plug-ins
Package Manager Plug-ins

Only displays the plug-ins installed by Package Manager.


Filters the plug-in list with names.

Plug-in list

The left box shows the installed plug-in list.


The Plug-in name.


The loading status of a plug-in.


The loading protection status of a plug-in.

Right-click Context Menu

Lists the command names stored in the plug-in.

File Types

Lists file types imported or exported by this plug-in.


Displays detailed properties of selected plug-in in a dialog.

Load plug-in

Forces the selected plug-in to load when it is not loaded.

Enable load protection

Disables the selected plug-in.

Open Containing Folder

Opens Windows Explorer with the plug-in file selected.

Basic properties

The right box shows the basic information of the selected plug-in. Click Details to see more information.


Browses to select a plug-in file to install a plug-in.

Ask to load disabled plug-ins

When Rhino is trying to load a disabled plug-in, prompt you to decide if the plug-in can be loaded.

See also


Assists in the discovery, installation, and management of Rhino and Grasshopper plug-ins.


Searches for 3rd-party plug-ins installed for previous versions of Rhino to load in the current version of Rhino if they are compatible.




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