Package Manager

The PackageManager command opens the Rhino Package Manager that assists in the discovery, installation, and management of Rhino and Grasshopper plug-ins. Internet connection is required.

To install a plug-in

  1. Select the Online tab.

  2. Select a plug-in from the list.

    Enable the Include pre-releases checkbox to access Work-In-Progress plug-ins.

  3. Select a version.

  4. Click Install.

To remove a plug-in

  1. Select a plug-in that has been installed.

  2. Click Uninstall.

To pre-fill the search box

Use the scriptable command, -PackageManager, for example:

_-PackageManager _Search kangaroo

This macro adds the string of "kangaroo" to the search box on the Online page when the Package Manage dialog box opens.

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