Points File (.asc, .csv, .xyz, .cgo_ascii,.cgo_asci, .pts) import

Imports points from text files.

Point files must be in the form: x,y,z with no additional heading information at the top. The characters can be separated with a variety of characters and can be surrounded by quotation marks.

To open, import, insert, and attach a file as a worksession

  1. From the File menu, click Open, Insert, Import, or Worksession > Attach.

  2. In the dialog box, select a supported file type.
  3. Click Open and configure the settings.
    When you open a non-3dm file and save the model, its filename will be the default 3dm filename.

Points Import Options


Rhino detects the delimiters used in the file. You can change it if the detection is wrong.


Reads commas as delimiters.


Reads semicolons as delimiters.


Reads spaces as delimiters.


Reads tab characters as delimiters.


Reads characters you specify as delimiters.


Create point cloud

Joins the imported points into a point cloud.

Always use these settings. Do not show this dialog again.

Saves the current settings and turns off the dialog display.

To turn the message back on

See also: ResetMessageBoxes command.




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