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Soft Move

The SoftMove command moves objects relative to a base or reference location of the move with a falloff curve.



  1. Select objects.
  2. Pick the point to move from or click an object type option.
  3. Pick the radius of influence.
  4. Pick the offset.
  5. Specify a command line option, or press Enter to end the command.
Command-line options


Moves objects vertical to the construction plane.


Specifies whether or not the objects are copied. A plus sign appears at the cursor when copy mode is on. The RememberCopyOptions command determines whether the selected option is used as the default.


Ties the falloff, radius, offset, and anchor to each other so changing one, changes the others.


Select point objects as basis for the move. The falloff curve is based on each selected point and acts through a sphere of radius set by the user.


Select curves as basis for the falloff curve. The falloff is applied radially along the curve creating a tube-shaped volume where the move is active.

SubCrv: Type subcrv to select part of a curve as input.


Select surfaces to radiate the falloff curve and influence the move. The reference surface forms the tip of the falloff dome and the falloff curve is active across the edges of the surface over the set radius.

Interactive manipulation

  • Drag the inner circle (1) to the falloff distance.
  • Drag the outer circle (2) to change the radius of influence (fall-off/inner circle will drag proportionally).
  • Drag the point (3) at the top of the dome to change the offset amount.
  • Drag the point at the base of the dome to change the base point.

    Falloff (1), radius (2), offset (3), anchor (4).

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