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Sketch on Surface

Sketch on Polygon Mesh

The Sketch command draws a curve by dragging the mouse.

Method 1: Click-hold, drag, release

  1. Click, hold, and drag the mouse to sketch.
    The command temporarily turns off Grid Snap and ignores Ortho.
  2. Release the mouse button to end the curve.
    Drawing a single curve in multiple viewports is not allowed using this method.

Method 2: Click-release, drag, click-release

  1. Click and release the mouse, and move the mouse.
  2. Click and release the mouse.
    Drawing a single curve in multiple viewports is allowed using this method.

Command-line options


Creates a closed curve. Select the option before dragging points with the mouse. The curve closes when you stop dragging points.


Sketches a curve on a surface.


Sketches a curve on a polygon mesh.

ClickToSketch (Yes/No)

Yes allows both sketching methods, while No allows only the method 1.


Removes the last sketched segment in the current command session.

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