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The ShrinkWrap command creates a mesh wrapping around the selected geometry including NURBS surfaces, SubDs, meshes, pointclouds, and point objects.

The ShrinkWrap command is ideal for creating:


Target Edge Length

The approximate length of the edges in the output mesh.


Offsets the output mesh in a distance of model units.

Smoothing iterations

Sets the smoothing strength for the output mesh.

Polygon Optimization % [0-100]

Adaptively collapses vertices of the output mesh.

Inflate Vertices and Points

Constructs the output mesh from each vertex/point of the input mesh or point cloud.

Fill holes in input objects

Fills holes in the input objects before passing them to the mesh creation process.

Compute vertex colors

Adds Vertex colors of meshes and display colors of pointclouds to the ShrinkWrap mesh as vertex colors.

Delete input objects

Deletes the input objects if the output mesh can be successfully created.


Previews the output mesh in the command session.

Draw mesh wires

Displays wires on the preview mesh.

Hide input objects

Hides the input object when previewing the mesh.

See Also


Uses a unique algorithm to generate manageable polygon meshes, ideal for rendering, animation, CFD, FEA, and reverse-engineering.




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