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Move Face to Boundary

The MoveFace command moves a polysurface face.

The surrounding joined surfaces are adjusted to accommodate the new face orientation.

Faces on relatively simple polysurfaces such as boxy planar shapes can be moved to adjust things like wall locations in a building or planes in a mechanical part.


  1. Select a face.
  2. Pick a point to move from.
  3. Pick a point to move to.


Command-line options



The face can be moved any direction.


the face can only be moved in the positive or negative normal direction.
Note: When multiple faces of a polysurface or an Extrusion object are selected, the faces are moved in the normal direction of the first picked face.


The face is moved until the side surfaces intersect the boundary object and the face itself is replaced by a trimmed section of the boundary object.


Determines whether or not the boundary is deleted after the move.

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