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The 3Dconnexion Button options manage settings for the 3Dconnexion mouse. You can define mouse buttons to run Rhino commands or scripts.

3Dconnexion 3D Mouse buttons


Available shortcut key combinations in Rhino.

Command macro

Shortcut key definitions.

Write a macro for the definition.

See: Rhino scripting.

Restore Defaults

Restore the system default settings. Custom command macro settings will be lost.

3Dconnexion menu

The 3Dconnexion menu lets you adjust the Rotation Center behavior of Object and Target Camera navigation modes.

Cap motions








Turns rotations on or off for all axes.

Pan Zoom

Turns panning and zooming on or off for all axes.


Adjusts the navigation speed.

Object Mode

Simulates holding the model in your hand.

Push the cap left or right to move the model left or right.

Lift the cap up or push the cap down to move the model up or down.

Push the cap away or pull the cap forward to move the model back and forward.

Twist the cap in any direction to rotate the model in that direction.

Camera Mode

Simulates moving the view camera. Push, pull, twist or tilt to simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate camera views.

Push the cap forward to move the camera forward into the scene. The scene will appear to move toward you.

Push the cap left or right to move camera to the left or right. The scene appears to move to the right or left.

Lift the cap up or push the cap down to move camera up or down.

Target Camera Mode

Rotating the cap in any direction orbits around the rotation center.

Helicopter Mode

Simulates a helicopter control mechanism. Similar to Camera Mode navigation, the pan axes control the movement in a plane parallel to the viewport's ground plane irrespective of the applied tilt.

Move the cap up or down to directly control the height.

Pulling the cap up to increase the height.

Push the cap down to decrease the height.

Spin the cap to spin the view above the ground.

Rotation Center

A blue icon shows a reference point as you position the model.


The center of rotation is automatically set each time you release the cap.

When the complete model is in view, the center of the whole model will be used as rotation point. When you move closer, the center of rotation uses the object in the center of the viewport.

Use Selected Item

Center of rotation is set to the center of selected objects.

Always Show

Shows the Rotation Center icon.

Show On Motion

Shows the Rotation Center icon only when the cap is moved.


Hides the Rotation Center icon.


The horizon will always be kept leveled.

Save options for use on other computers


Save Options settings to a file.


Restore Options settings from a file.

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