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Ctrl (CMD) + N

The New command creates a new Rhino model based on a template.



Use this file when Rhino starts

Uses the selected template as a default next time you create a new model.

No template

Starts Rhino using the internal defaults.


A template is a 3DM file that includes all the information that is stored in a Rhino 3DM file: geometry, grid settings, viewport layout, layers, units, and tolerances.

For example, if you want Rhino to use inches as default units, use the New command to open the template you want to change, change the units to inches and use the SaveAsTemplate command to overwrite the changes to the template.

If you do not have a default template file specified in the current user section of the registry, you will have to choose a start-up template.

If the "Ask every time Rhino starts" check box is not selected, the default template file will be set to the one selected file and will be used when Rhino starts from then on.

Templates are stored in the Rhino support folder.

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