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Layers > LayerBook

The LayerBook command moves through the layers of a model sequentially, just like turning the pages of a book or a slide show for demonstration and training. In other words, the Layerbook feature animates the “on/off” and current state of layers in the Rhino model.


  1. Download and open the example model in Rhino.
  2. Start the LayerBook command.
  3. Click the Next and Previous.
  4. Type 1 and press Enter to rewind to the first layer.

Create a LayerBook

  1. Create multiple layers.

    Each layer represents a slide of a presentation.

  2. Add objects and text on each layer.

  3. Start the LayerBook command.

  4. In the command-line, click Advanced > PrepareToSave.

Command-line options

LayerBook [Number]

Type a number to jump to a specific layer in the slide show. Layer numbers are counted from 1, and from top to bottom.

The layer numbers in this example are from 1 to 8.


Sets the next layer current and turns off all the other layers.


Sets the previous layer current and turns off all the other layers.


Quits the LayerBook at the current layer.

Run the LayerBook command again to continue.



Select a named view as the initial view for layers. You can use different named views to display different layers.


Specify how a named view is associated with layers.


The current layer only.


The current and all subsequent layers.


All layers.


Sets all text objects to display in front and adjusts layer visibility so you can save the model in a state that is ready to open and play a LayerBook.


Provides a text overview of the Layerbook structure and associated named views.

Header and addition layers

Header layer

Adding a ">" to the end of a layer name makes a "header layer." The slide show skips header layers. Header layers can be empty and only used as organizers.

The Ch 2> layers will be skipped in the slide show.
Addition layer

Adding a "+" to the end of a layer name makes an "addition layer." The slide show displays the layer as an addition to the previous layer.

When the slide show reaches the 2-3+ layer, the previous 2-2 layer stays on.




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