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The CreateRegions command replaces a non-manifold polysurface with all solid manifold regions defined by the surfaces of the input.

This command is typically used after the NonmanifoldMerge command.

Two spheres and a plane (left), after NonmanifoldMerge (middle), exploded view after CreateRegions (right).

Select a polysurface whose surfaces bound one or more solid regions in space. The command will replace this with the solid polysurfaces that form the regions.

Command-line options


Deletes (Yes) or keeps (No) the input object.


Specifies the layer for the results of the command.


Places the results on the current layer.


Places the results on the same layer as the input.

  • If the input object is in a model that is attached using Worksession, the object will be placed on the current layer.

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