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Tween Surfaces

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The TweenSurfaces command creates intermediate surfaces between two input surfaces.


  1. Select the first surface.
  2. Select the second surface.
  3. Infinite Plane: Type IP for InfinitePlane options.

  4. Click the corner points to flip the u and v, or swap the u and v directions.

Command-line options


Specifies the number of surfaces to create between the two input surfaces.


Specifies the method for refining the output surfaces.


No refinement of the output surfaces is done. Control points of resulting surfaces are generated by connecting corresponding control points. Any extra control points are connected to the last control points of the surface with the smaller number of control points.


Refits the output surfaces like using the FitSrf command. The resulting surfaces are usually more complex than input unless input surfaces are compatible.


Input surfaces are divided to the specified number of points (on curve), corresponding points define new points that output surfaces go through.


The number of sample points to use.

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