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Sketch on Surface

Sketch on Polygon Mesh

The Sketch command draws a curve by dragging the mouse.

Steps (click and drag)

  1. Click, hold, and drag the mouse to sketch.
    The command temporarily turns off Grid Snap and ignores Ortho.
  2. Release the mouse button to end the curve.
    Drawing a single curve in multiple viewports is not allowed using this method.

Steps (click and release, click to end)

  1. Click and release the mouse, and move the mouse.
  2. Click and release the mouse.
    Drawing a single curve in multiple viewports is allowed using this method.
Command-line options


Creates a closed curve. Select the option before dragging points with the mouse. The curve closes when you stop dragging points.


Sketches a curve on a surface.


Sketches a curve on a polygon mesh.

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