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Point Deviation

The PointDeviation command uses colored line hairs to visualize the distance between geometry objects.


  1. Select objects to measure, and press Enter.
  2. Select the target objects.
  3. Change options in the Point Deviation panel.

Point Deviation options


Run the PointDeviation command to start a new measurement.


Stop measuring the current objects.



Points beyond this distance are ignored.

Bad point

Points beyond this distance are colored red or ignored.

Good point

Points closer than this distance are colored blue.

On surface

Points on the surface are colored blue.

Proximity angle

Points qualify for display if the hair line is this close to the normal direction on either the curve or the surface. Default is 1 degree. No points disqualify at 180.

Hair scale

The hair is exaggerated by this factor from the actual distance to the curve or surface. Default is 10.

Display hair

Display the hair line for each qualifying point.

Make hair permanent

Create a line object when the command terminates. Line objects are created on layers with names "Point Test <color>".

Automatically apply changes

Update the hair display interactively when options are changed.


Update the hair display manually when Automatically apply changes is disabled.


Point count

The number of points.

Mean distance

The mean distance between the selected points and the target object.

Median distance

The median distance between the selected points and the target object.

Standard deviation

The standard deviation distance between the selected points and the target object.

Command-line option

Visible (Yes / No / Toggle)

Displays or hides the Point Deviation panel, or change its visibility.

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