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The GradientView command toggles gradient view mode, which displays a customizable color gradient as a viewport background.

The default are two colors top-to-bottom.

The command acts as a "toggle." Run it once to turn gradient background on, run it again to turn it off.

This command only affects display modes where the Background is set to use Application Settings.

To access hidden command-line options

Command-line options


Determines the state of all viewports. Choosing the Active option turns off gradient background in all of the views except the active viewport.


Applies the gradient settings to all of the views.


Applies the gradient settings to the active view.



Turns gradient background on.


Turns gradient background off.


Sets the color for the top of the gradient.


Sets the color for the bottom of the gradient.


Sets the color mode to 2 or 4. If the number of colors is set to 4, more color options appear: TopLeft, TopRight, BottomLeft, and BottomRight.


  1. To set two-color gradient that goes from red to blue (top-to-bottom).
    ! -GradientView _Colors=2 _Top=128,0,0 _Bottom=0,0,128 Enter
  2. To set four-color gradient that goes from a blue-violet to a pink-salmon.
    ! -GradientView _Colors=4 _TopLeft=0,0,64 _TopRight=70,0,140 _BottomLeft=240,150,135 _BottomRight=240,130,164 Enter

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