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Draft Angle Analysis

The DraftAngleAnalysis command visually evaluates surface draft-angle using false-color analysis.

Draft angle is often used to design injection-molded parts that must eject from molds.



  1. Select objects.
  2. In the Draft Angle dialog box, set the angle for the color display.
  3. Adjust the density of the mesh if the level of detail is not fine enough.

Draft Angle Analysis options

Upper value (Blue)

A draft angle above the upper value displays blue. The range between the upper value and 0 displays a blue-green gradient.

Lower value (Red)

A draft angle below the lower value displays red. The range between 0 and the lower value displays a green-red gradient.

Show isocurves

Display surface isocurves and edges.

Adjust Mesh

Open Polygon Mesh Options to change analysis mesh density. Increasing mesh density improves the analyzing accuracy.

Add Objects

Select more objects to analyze.

Remove Objects

Remove selected objects from the analysis.


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Surface Analysis

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Close the dialog box.

The DraftAngleAnalysisOff command turns off draft angle analysis.


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The DraftAnglePoint command places a point object at a surface's draft angle break location.

Draft angle is often used to design injection-molded parts that must eject from molds.



Command-line options


The angle in world coordinates of a line tangent to the surface at the draft angle point.

Wikipedia: Tangent


The direction of the part ejection in world coordinates.


Restricts the point placement to an edge.

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