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Cross-Section Profiles

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The CSec command creates cross-section curves through profile curves.

Input for profile

Input for cross-section

  • Curves
  • Points (by mouse picking)


  1. Using any curve creation command, draw profile curves that roughly define the shape of your object.
  2. Select the profile curves.
  3. Pick the start of a line that will define the cross-section plane that is perpendicular to the current construction plane.
    Turning on Ortho or Grid Snap may help you control the section planes.
  4. Pick the end of the cross-section plane.
  5. In the plane defined at the cross-section line, a curve will be created that passes through the profile curves, and press Enter.
    Once you have made the cross-section curves, you can use the Loft or other command to create a surface through them.

Command-line options


Determines whether closed curves or curves that start at the first profile line and end at the last profile line are created.

Hidden command-line option


Type subcrv to select part of a curve as input.

See also

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