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Chamfer Edge

The ChamferEdge command creates a ruled surface between selected polysurface edges with varying chamfer distances, trims and joins the chamfer surfaces to the surface.


  1. Select edges.
  2. Select a handle.
Command-line options



Displays chamfer distance handles in the viewport.


Hides chamfer distance handles in the viewport. A hidden chamfer distance handle will display when the mouse cursor is close to it.


Specifies the chamfer distance for the next edge.


Automatically selects connected edges based on continuity.

How to chain select edges.


Pick a face to select its boundary edges. Tangent edges are excluded.


In cases where the command is canceled or ended prematurely, the PreviousEdgeSelection option re-selects the previously selected edges. Supports multiple sets of previously selected edges for up 20 previous edge sets.


Trims and joins the resulting surface to the input surfaces.

History only works if TrimAndJoin=No.


Allows selecting more edges after the selection has been closed.


Displays a dynamic preview. You can change the options and the preview will update.


Edit the most recent selected set of edges.

To edit edges

  1. Select the object to edit. The editable edges highlight.

  2. Use Shift+click to add edges. Use Ctrl+click to remove edges.

  3. Edit the size of the handles.

Remove all edges in the most recent edge set to return to the previous edge set.

1) The first edge set. 2) The second edge set.

3) Remove all edges in the second edge set if you need to edit the first edge set.

See also

Fillet, blend, or chamfer between curves and surfaces




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