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The ArcBlend command creates a blend curve consisting of two arcs between two curves with adjustable endpoints and bulge.


  1. Select the first curve near the end you want to blend.
  2. Select the second curve near the end you want to blend.
  3. Select the arc blend points to adjust.
  4. Drag the point to set the arc control polygon length ratio. Type zero or snap to ends to minimize radius difference.
    Type zero to automatically pick a ratio that makes the arc radii the same when possible and as close to being the same as possible otherwise.
  5. Select another arc blend point to adjust, or press Enter to end the command.
Command-line options


Offers the longer solution when more than one arc fills the requirements.


Makes it possible to draw an S-shaped blend where the difference of the two radii is specified. If the difference is positive the first radius will be bigger than second, and if negative the first radius will be smaller.


Trims the input curves to the resulting curve.


Joins the resulting curves.


Type subcrv to select part of a curve as input.

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