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The ApplyCrv command wraps curves and points that are within tolerance of the World XY plane onto a surface.

The ApplyCrv command is usually used with the CreateUVCrv command. You can use the CreateUVCrv command to generate a UV rectangle from a 3-D surface. The UV rectangle represents the flat U and V dimensions of the 3-D surface. Draw some curves inside the UV rectangle. Use the ApplyCrv command to map the curves with the UV rectangle onto the 3-D surface.

Tip: If the UV rectangle is not selected together, the curves will be mapped onto the whole range of the 3-D surface. The result will not be correct.


  1. Select curves and the UV rectangle on the world xy plane.

  2. Select the target surface.

    3-D curves are created on the surface using the UV rectangle as mapping reference.
Command-line options


Type subcrv to select part of a curve as input.

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