Modeling Aids

The Modeling Aids options manage settings for grid and object snaps and construction planes.

Grid snap

Grid Snap on

Turns on grid snap.

See: Grid Snap, SnapSize, SetSnap.

Ortho Snap every ___ degrees

Turns on ortho and sets the ortho angle.

See: Ortho, OrthoAngle, SetOrtho.

Planar mode on

Turns on planar mode.

See: Planar, SetPlanar.

Object snaps

Disable object snaps

Temporarily suspends set object snaps.

See: NoSnap.

Project object snaps to CPlane

Projects object snaps to the construction plane in the active viewport.

See: ProjectOsnap.

Snap to locked objects

Object snaps work on locked objects and on objects on locked layers.

See: SnapToLocked.

Use apparent intersections

The Intersection object snap does not need to find objects that intersect in 3-D space. The objects only need to appear to intersect in the active viewport.

Object snap highlight

Highlights the object chosen for use by object snaps.

Snap radius ___ pixels

Sets the object snap activation area radius in pixels. When the cursor is within this distance to the point to snap to, the marker jumps to the point to snap to.

Dynamic object snap display

Controls the appearance of the object snap label.

Note: Turning on cursor tooltips turns off object snap labels automatically.

Black on white

Displays black lettering in a white box.

White on black

Displays white lettering in a black box.


Turns off dynamic object snap display.

Construction planes

Specifies the behavior of construction planes in the viewports.

Standard construction planes

The construction plane of each viewport is independent from all of the other constructions planes.

Universal construction planes

The behavior of the construction planes in the viewports is linked. They all share the same origin and are positioned normal to each other. Moving, rotating, or otherwise changing the construction plane in one viewport, changes the construction planes in the other viewports, so the 90-degree/right angle/normal orientation of the construction planes is maintained.

If a construction plane is defined in some view, the Front view for example, and Universal mode is enabled, then the construction plane that was defined will be the Front plane of the new universal plane.

See: SynchronizeCPlanes.

To save options


Save Options settings to a file.


Restore Options settings from a file.

Note: When multiple sessions of Rhino are open at one time, changes made in the last Rhino session closed will be saved.

See also


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