Idle Processor

The Idle Processor options schedule commands to be run when Rhino has been inactive for a user-specified period.

For example, you could have Rhino automatically save your current document or start a time-consuming rendering.


Enable idle processing

Turns idle processing on.

Elapsed time in seconds

The amount of inactive time in seconds required to begin processing commands.

Commands to run

Specifies the commands to run.


Idle processor only listens to command inactivity. That is, if you have not run a command for the specified period, it will run the idle process commands. Panning, zooming or rotating a view will not reset the idle timer.
The idle process commands are only run once. If your elapsed time is set for 300 seconds (5 minutes) and you have been away from your system for 30 minutes, the idle process commands will be run one time (after the first 5 minutes), not six times. To reset the idle timer, run another command.

To save options


Save Options settings to a file.


Restore Options settings from a file.

Note: When multiple sessions of Rhino are open at one time, changes made in the last Rhino session closed will be saved.

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